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The Green Bay Area School District in Wisconsin has banned bullying that targets students on the basis of gender identity. 

Following a move by another Wisconsin school district to make schools safer for trans students, Green Bay has acknowledged that students need to be protected on the basis of their gender identity and expression as well as sexual orientation. The district is also training staff on LGBT issues and developing ways to make GSAs more effective.

"We know there is bullying and harassment going on, and we want students to know that that is not acceptable," said Elizabeth Wetzel Gracyalny, a social worker at East High School and the district’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning coordinator.

"There wasn’t a special rule for making fun of kids for gender expression, and we wanted it to be in black and white. If we have a rule, we can say ‘This is a rule you are breaking.’"

In addition to the bullying policy, district officials are looking at other measures to make schools more accommodating for transgender students, such as gender-neutral bathrooms or special locker room accommodations. It’s working with a state advocacy group to make changes.

Yes, yes, yes. This everywhere, please. 

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*aging comedian voice* iced coffee?? whats next iced chicken??? i remember when i was young now it seems like so long ago no one pays attention to people my age i’m scared of dying soon also i’m a little racist

I don’t have control over anything. And maybe it’s just that belief making all this just that much harder.

I wish I didn’t feel so hopeless and therefore helpless considering my future.

I wish I really believed that I could shape my own destiny.

I feel like I have up periods that are always just followed by shit and then me going through the motions and then a short lived up period again.


Now I’m a thief and a lier.

Gotta love family.


for those who still somehow defend charter schools, here’s another brilliant reason why they’re not only no good but also oppressive. the same racist shit that happened then is happening now.

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